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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day - My 2 Cents

Earth Day. 

It's more than just a day of picking up garbage or planting trees & flowers. It's a reminder that Earth Day is actually a state of mind and a lifestyle.

Those three R's - reduce, reuse, recycle - are a daily practice. Learning where our food not only comes from but how it is grown, choosing food that isn't grown with chemicals, and not using chemicals in our own gardens or those we grow for others, takes those daily practices to another level. There are many others ways, so start with you, your family and home. The ripple affect will reach wider than you can imagine. And so on, and so on, and so on. 

Then Earth Day becomes a state of mind and a lifestyle, not just a day. That's something we can all benefit from. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I hope everyone who is celebrating Easter today has had a happy one! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gardening is Heartbreak

Cardinal Climber vine in bloom in my garden, October, 2011.

Early morning realization: 

I am mourning my garden. Still. 

I've lost more than half of my garden over the last few years. It began with hurricane Irene in August of 2011, continued with hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 and continued further with the Winter of 2013-2014, our first real Northeast winter in well over a decade (the first since our moving here to the coast in December of 2005). Plus we were 5 feet above normal for rainfall in 2011 and suffered drought & above normal temps in 2012. 

And it's time I begin dealing with my grief vs shoving it away and pretending it isn't there. 

I've often made reference to feeling betrayed by Mother Nature and it's true, I do. And that betrayal has hurt so deeply I've lost the joy, healing & comfort gardening always gave me before. I've been saying that this year I will reclaim those good feelings, but to be honest, right now I have my doubts.

Gardening was my Church. My connection. My therapist. My inspiration. My safe place in this world. 

When I look at the garden, when I even think about it, tight knots form in my chest & stomach. Much like what I felt for months once we found out my beloved Father.in.law was going to pass and even after he passed. 

Maybe I am even a little angry too. Not about my Father.in.law, but my garden, at Mother Nature.  

My roses, my favorite garden flower, have taken the biggest hit. I'm down to five from well over a dozen. I know that doesn't sound like much, but for my small space, it was more than enough. After this Winter, I've sadly added Pope John Paul II hybrid tea, in memory of my Nana (who very much admired Pope John Paul II), and Mardi Gras floribunda, my first non Knock Out rose (and one of the most beautiful in my garden) to the lost roses list. 

Oh and add Camellia 'April Blush' to the overall lost list too. She made it through this Winter fine until that last dip Ito the teens & 20s last month. 


I guess it's like the ole saying that goes something like, 'you know it's time to move when you've painted the house...'

Prior to hurricane Irene in August of 2011, my coastal garden was finished. There wasn't room for one more plant. I had attained my goal of making the garden not look like a container garden - it looked like a lush, full in-ground garden.  And I was blissfully happy with it! 

I should have known...

There's lots of cleaning out & up to do and re-potting what's left. Then it's time to start over. Again. Because I won't get over it until I do.

Is there something hurtful in your life that you've been avoiding that you could begin taking steps today towards healing? 

Friday, April 04, 2014

Exhausted with Relief! No Cancer!

No cancer!!!

We found out late yesterday afternoon and I honestly nearly collapsed with relief and exhaustion once we left the doctor's office. (For more on what brought me to this point, click here).

There's a but - isn't there always?!

I have to go back every 6 months to be monitored because I have what are technically pre-cancerous cells, however there is no treatment for the virus (like there isn't for the common cold) and my body should be able to deal with it on its own (like the common cold). If not and it progresses, surgery would remove that area of the cervix and then any cancer would be completely be taken care of if it gets to that point.

But for now it's good news and more relief than I can begin to tell!

We went out to dinner on our way home from the doctor (I'd been too distracted and stressed all day to think about cooking or even packing to go away this weekend) and afterwards I ran in Barnes & Noble to see if they had a magazine I've been looking for. After finding it, I suddenly realized I was roaming around the store in a daze and that is was the first time in over a month when I had done anything and not been worried about the possibility of cancer! That's when I decided to head to the checkout so I didn't end up in tears in the middle of the store.

I'm so thankful and appreciate of all of your love, support and good thoughts since the beginning of March! You don't know what a comfort that's been to me and how much it has helped me through these last four and very long weeks. Thank You!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014


This morning while on the treadmill...

I was looking out at the raised bed around the Dogwood and caught sight of something very exciting!

The Crocuses are coming! The Crocuses are coming! 

What a sight for sore eyes, I tell you.

Finally! :-)